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Welcome To The iConquer Training Site. We're glad you are here and congratulations on your successful fundraising program for the iConquer Non-Profit Partners you are hiking with. You have entered the exclusive and proprietary  iConquer Physical Training Program that is designed to help you be successful in your hike at Grand Canyon.


Each Team and member is required to register for the training site and onsite Grand Canyon/Arizona adventure, prior to starting their training. Please follow the links below to the training site for your organization and team. Note that each non-profit partner and team has their own training program, schedule and on-site Grand Canyon hike. So please just follow the link to the training site that is exclusive to your team, complete the registration form and submit it to iConquer and your team leaders. 

Then put down your mouse, phone or tablet, and go for a walk. RIGHT NOW! Just go for a 10 minute walk and use this time to reflect on your commitment to yourself to accomplish the goal of the non-profit's mission, and to do something fantastic for yourself. 

Be safe. Work hard at your fundraising and keep your positive spirit strong as you prepare to hike one of the most beautiful places on Earth, The Grand Canyon.

iConquer Online Training Guide

iConquer Online Training Guide

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Written & Edited by: Gene Taylor and Jo Ann Taylor

Contributing Trainers, Writers & Editors: Joelle Costello AZ, USA, Bill Kummer & Janet Kummer AZ USA, Connie Thomason CPT AZ USA,

Sheldon Finkelstein AZ USA, Frank Romaglia AZ USA, Chuck Blay HI USA, Rún Gunnarsdóttir Reykjavik, Iceland, Elizabet Brand Reykjavik, Iceland,

Javier Truillo Cusco, Peru, Brian Gootee AZ USA,  Ginger Snow NH, USA & Mattie Smith AZ USA, Sarah Testi, Tuscany, Italy, Alex Tufail, Prescott, AZ USA.


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