8. Challenges and Goals


Once you understand the components you need to
include for a well-balanced walking and hiking

training program, it is time to get moving.

Remember, the conditioning program included

here assumes that you are new to fitness walking,

casual and strenuous hiking prior to joining iConquer.

If you are a seasoned runner or hiker, then use the

information here as a supplement to your current



 As an iConquer participant, it is your duty to

complete a comprehensive self-evaluation

form to decide which portions of this program best

suits you. Keep in mind that on each hike there are

multiple distances and levels of difficulties from

which to choose. You can select the one that best

fits your goals.


 We want to be sure we get you on the correct team

and the information you provide us in your initial and

follow up forms is key. So whatever your goal,

whether it be hiking far and fast, a more casual

paced and interpretive hike, to simply hiking with

your choice of friends, use this guide as a starting point and begin training at a level that is best for you. Please remember, there are NO EASY trails during our hike.


NOTE: At the midpoint of your training program, you will be asked to complete a progress survey. The information you provide will allow us to modify the website content so that it caters to your hiking ability, fitness level and interests.


The physical demands of hiking the Amalfi Coast are in stark contrast to those found in fitness walking or hiking on relatively flat terrain. In the Know Before You Go Webpage, we are providing you with detailed trail description for our hike, so please read them so that you can train wisely and enjoy your entire adventure. 


Remember, strong knees, proper socks and well-fitting boots are a must. 



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