2. Preparing To Train


THANK YOU for submitting your initial self-evaluation and adventure registration form.  


Now that you are registered and getting your mind and body ready to hike one of the crown jewels of South American landscape, the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, we want to immediately settle any misgivings or nervousness you may have about taking on such a daunting task. First, you will be with a team of like-minded hikers who are here to support a cause you mutually love. Secondly, while the Inca Trail traverses beautiful mountains and deep valleys, it can be dangerous too. We are going to do our best to be sure you are safe and sound, every step of the way. We have implemented a well proven program that will challenge the most seasoned hikers yet provide access to a fun and relaxing adventure for those who chose that option. 


Preparing To Train For Conquer The Trail!


This guide contains important information that will help get you started on one of the best experiences of your life. Read each page carefully and do not hesitate to contact the MMRF representative or The Walking Connection if you have any questions or comments. 


From now until the end of your

adventure, you will hear a few

statements from us, over and over.

The reason is because they are

important to you and to all those

around you!.             


The first thing you will hear a lot is,

THANK YOU! The Walking Connection

team and our non-profit partner

organizations are committed to making

this an adventure and experience you

will remember for a lifetime. We will do

everything in our power to create a

rewarding, fun and safe adventure for

you every step of the way.          


The second words or phrase you will

hear frequently - Safety, Safely &



Our number one priority is clear. The

Walking Connection team has led many

walking and hiking adventures the

world over and we have maintained an impeccable safety record. We are proud of not only this record, but in the risk management programs that we developed and operate in conjunction with our resident teams in all of the venues we serve. You can read more about them on the following pages.            


The last item you will hear often is the word "TEAM"! During your training and while you are on-site during your adventure, we ask that you always keep in mind that you are on a team. Sometimes it is a team of just two people on a training hike together. Sometimes it's a larger group hike, training clinic or fundraising event. In both cases you will be part of a team comprised of people just like you who have raised money in support of this mission.


Keep in mind that while you are hiking with Conquer The Trail, you probably won't be the fastest or slowest. Our hikes are never about speed. If you are quicker than some, be patient and consider slowing down and helping someone who may need it. If you are slower than some, again, be patient. There is no harm in trying to push yourself a bit, but understand that enjoying your adventure safely is the top priority. While you train, set a goal and always stick to your plan.


Please follow these links and read each page carefully BEFORE you start your training program.


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